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Inflation is going high and high, and so are the electricity rates of Pakistan. Many people continuously check their meters to know about the consumed units and predict the electricity bill. Some do it out of stress, some out of curiosity, while others do it while making a budget for their home. Whatever your reason is, if you want to calculate your LESCO bill amount online before getting the physical bill, it is possible now. Instead of predicting how many units are consumed on your residential electricity connection and bill, it’s better to count the units and calculate LESCO bill. To meet the needs of these consumers, we have built a simple and easily accessible online LESCO Bill Calculator. We have also provided the updated LESCO tariff on 01 October 2022 to generate estimated electricity costs for consumers. Let’s see how this calculator works and how you calculate your bill. 

Note: This facility is only for residential users; if you are a commercial user, view the tariff and calculate your bill based on unit rates.

What is LESCO?

LESCO is also known as Lahore Electric Supply Company and is responsible for the distribution of electricity in different regions of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana, Kasur, and Okara. LESCO is the biggest distributor of electricity, and they also take care of monthly billing cycle guarantees that the electricity consumers pay for the consumption of electricity at their houses and business places in accordance with the LESCO tariff guide. LESCO also mentioned the LESCO unit prices for each unit utilised. Consumers can check their LESCO bill information through the LESCO bill calculator. LESCO bill calculator tool is based on the latest government-revised unit pricing.

LESCO Bill Calculator:

The LESCO Bill calculator, commonly known as the LESCO unit calculator, is used to predict how much LESCO bill payments one can get so that the user can plan their electricity usage accordingly and wisely. The Electric LESCO bill calculator is a good choice to see how many electricity units are consumed, and it saves your time and provides a quick and appropriate answer. The best way to check bills online is through our website, which provides immediate results. Check the bill before you get your physical bill with accurate measurements. We can also offer a free LESCO bill calculator; the process to calculate the LESCO bill is given below in detail.

How to Calculate LESCO Bill?

If you want to calculate LESCO bill, the easiest thing is to check your consumed units and use our LESCO bill calculator to check the amount. Though many websites offer this service, you can’t find it convenient. They demand a lot of information to enter before calculating your LESCO bill. Mostly, the users are unaware of the required information. That’s why we have provided the most accurate and accessible tool to calculate LESCO bill online. You just need to enter your consumed units in the given field and click on the check LESCO bill option.

Note: Remember that the calculated amount is just the monthly bill estimate based on your consumed electricity units. We also added F.C. N.J. surcharges, GST, T.V. fees, and electricity duty to give more accurate estimated results. However, the Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) and other charges change with time, so we can’t add them to our calculator. The amount is just estimated, and the actual bill will be different from this amount. 

LESCO Tariff Guide:

NEPRA issued the LESCO Terriff guide, and the Pakistan government announced it. Consumers can get this schedule through LESCO offices or LESCO official websites. Customers can also request earlier publication of the timetable and LESCO for information regarding applicable tariffs and inquiries.

If any customer wants to make advance changes, he may apply within 30 days to change their statement to exchange their tariff and make some adjustments in the tariff guide for a specific connection. There are different LESCO Tariff kinds that exist. You can find these different kinds of code in your LESCO bill’s upper left corner.

LESCO Tariff

Things To Consider Before Using LESCO Bill Calculator:

Before checking the LESCO Bill information from our calculator information, everyone should know some important and technical terms related to the LESCO bill for a better understanding of how the company calculates bills. We have discussed eight simple terms that directly affect your LESCO billing. These terms will help you to know what else the company adds to your bills in addition to the number of consumed units. 

LESCO Connection Types:

LESCO offers a wide variety of connection types according to users’ specific needs, and these connection types are as follows:

  • Temporary
  • Residential Colonies
  • Agriculture Connection
  • Industrial Connection
  • Commercial connection
  • Domestic connection
  • General Services
  • Street Lights

Phase Type:

LESCO provides different phase connections, and here are the following steps that determine what type of phase your LESCO connection has:

  • Single Phase Three Wire 
  • Three Phase Four Wire Wye 
  • Three Phase Three Wire Delta 


Single-phase connection is specifically for residential consumer who consumes less electricity and for small business. It includes two wires, one live wire and one neutral wire. This type of connection fulfils low power requirements and is commonly installed in homes, offices, and shops.


Three-phase electricity connection specially designed to meet higher power demands, including commercial and industrial consumers. This connection includes three live (Phase) wires and one neutral wire. A three-phase connection is capable of handling more power loads, such as industrial power supply loads, factories, big commercial establishments, and industrial units.

Number of Consumed Units:

The next thing that you also need to consider before LESCO’s bill calculation is how much the number of units consumed and the number of units against which the user wishes to determine the bill. There are three types of unit that helps determine the bill, and these are as follows:

Kilowatt Hour: 

Kilowatt-hour is the amount of energy the one kw of electrical appliances used in one hour. It is 3.6 MJ. 

Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours: 

Kilovolt ampere reactive hours is the unit that is used to gauge an A.C. circuit’s power.

Maximum Demand Indicator: 

MDI calculates the estimated amount of energy a consumer uses in a specific time frame. 

Meter Rent:

Meter rent, if it applies to your Tariff plan, will also be a part of your LESCO bill amount. Meter rent refers to the charges the consumer must pay LESCO as rent for the electricity meters installed at the consumer’s premises. It is added to the electricity bill, and you should consider it while calculating the amount of the bill yourself. The cost of meter maintenance and servicing is also included. Meter rent is also based on the type of connection and consumer and is included and applicable to each consumer according to tariff structure.

Service Rent:

Like meter rent, service rent is also a part of your bill if it applies to your tariff. It is a service rent charged by LESCO for providing their services of maintaining the electricity distribution infrastructure and ensuring the reliable supply of electricity. 

This service charge is based on the consumer category (residential, commercial, industrial) and connection type. The company determines how much service charges one should pay in their billing amount, which is included in the tariff structure. Services rent depends on your tariff plan. Service rent information is only available if your tariff plan allows you to show it.


The arrears are also added to the amount of your LESCO bill. If all your previous bill payments are clear, then there will be zero number in that section. Arrears are the unpaid amount added to the next bill and payable to Lahore Electric Supply. It is only added to your bills when a consumer fails to make timely bill payments and has dues from previous bills.

No T.V. sets:

How many T.V.s do you have in your home? It is important to note that the number of T.V.s you are using on your LESCO connection has a specific bill amount based on their consumption of electricity. It determines the electricity consumption of the T.V. sets in a particular month.

Tax Exemption:

Your LESCO bill also contains information about tax Exemptions, and these are as follows:

  • STRN Available
  • E.D. Exempt
  • I.T. Exempt
  • E-Tax Exempt
  • GST Exempt
  • Sales Tax For Retailers Exempt
  • Additional Sales Tax 

If you manually calculate your LESCO bill, this option is used on your demand. To get an accurate bill amount, the user has to add the tax exemption according to the connection to get detailed bill information. All this information is necessary to fill in the correct information and get accurate calculations. But instead of manually adding them, you can use our LESCO bill calculator to get the estimated monthly bill amount easily. 

Note: If you are a resident of other city, you can click here to calculate Your Bill online.

How To Calculate Electricity Bill From Other Electric Supply Companies 

I know many people are confused now because they think they have no convenient tool to calculate their bills like the consumers of LESCO. Don’t worry; if you live in any area of Pakistan and use the service of any other electric supply company, you can calculate your electricity bill easily using our Bill Calculator. For that, click on the links below to calculate your online bill.


LESCO bill calculator is a blessing in disguise if you want to calculate your electricity bill before the availability of the physical bill. Follow the above instructions to accurately measure the bill, and use our LESCO bill calculation to make your measurements more accurate and up-to-date. It is easily accessible to consumers who want to calculate their LESCO bill.

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