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Online bill checking eliminates the hassle of keeping and caring for the paper bill. It will also help you check bills from anywhere, even outside the country, and pay the amount without visiting banks, offices, and shops. www.onlinebillcheck.com.pk provides the facility to LESCO consumers. So, check your customer ID or reference number from your LESCO bill, fill it in our provided option, and check your LESCO bill online. 

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What is LESCO?

LESCO, known as Lahore Electric Supply Company, is responsible for providing electricity to Lahore and its surrounding areas in Punjab and is a public sector company. LESCO was a merger of three major electricity distribution companies, including Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) and Electric Supply Corporation (LESC).

It has a total customers of 6 million and an average annual income of Rs. 20 billion. Over 10,000 employees are working, and it has a network of approximately 100,000 kilometres of power lines. The company’s main aim is to provide reliable and affordable electricity supply to customers daily. They are committed to providing quality and standard services to customers. 

LESCO’s essential values are as follows:

  1. Its main aim is to work with integrity and provide facilities with honesty and transparency in all its dealings.
  2. The important focus of the company is to put the customers’ needs first and provide standard services that can minimize customer complaints.
  3. One of their values is teamwork to achieve the highest standards of performance and great success.
  4. LESCO operates sustainably to protect the environment and benefits the communities through its services.

What Is The History of LESCO?

LESCO started in the early 20th century. It was established in 1904 to provide an electricity supply to the city of Lahore. In 1998, it was known as Lesc, and after that, it was corporatized and renamed LESCO. LESCO, known as Lahore Electric Supply Company, was a private company owned by British investors. It was responsible for electricity supply to the city of Lahore and its surrounding areas and for generation transmission. The organization became nationalized in 1947 when Pakistan came into being. LESCO is now a public company and is owned by the Pakistan government. 

Its first power plant was constructed in 2000. The name is 100 MW Kot Lakhpat Power Station. The second one, the 120 MW Trimmu Power Station, was finished in 2010. LESCO took a big step in 2020 and introduced its first renewable energy project. The project name is Lahore, a 50 MW solar power plant.

From the start till now, LESCO has developed a lot, and it has expanded its service area from Lahore to a large part of Punjab. LESCO also improved its distribution network and generation capacity.

What Are LESCO’s Mission Statement, Vision, and Goals?


LESCO aims to provide uninterrupted electric supply to all sectors under it. As a leading distribution company, it aims to provide quality services to all consumers at affordable prices.


LESCO’s vision is to maintain and achieve efficiency, reliability, and responsiveness, and they are successful in providing services according to their vision and becoming one of the leading public service organizations for various customers. Developing innovative business relationships inside and outside the local area is their way to success; no one can beat them.


The ultimate goal of LESCO is to provide smooth and consistent electricity flow. The customers will get appropriate and timely meter readings and bills. LESCO is also known for its open-door policy to facilitate customers and provides provision of electricity connection in minimum time. One of its goals is to offer special concessions for the timely payment of bills and get feedback from customer service centers. They also want to create awareness among employees working on electricity lines to adopt safety measures. The LESCO’s primary goal is to create a positive image of the company and take steps for the betterment of employees of the company.

What Are The Primary Functions of LESCO?

  1. Lesco is an organization that is responsible for the electricity distribution to residential, agricultural, and industrial consumers in its specific services area. Lesco meets the needs of its consumers by providing a stable and reliable electricity supply. 
  2. Lesco is also responsible for and manages billing and customer services, including meter reading, bill formation and issues, and handling customer complaints. Lesco manages all the operations related to electricity in Lahore and surrounding areas. 
  3. Lesco maintains and upgrades electrical infrastructure within a specified service area. The task that comes under this facility includes power lines, electrical equipment, and substations. By managing these tasks, Lesco ensures an efficient and continuous electricity supply.
  4. LESCO is also facing critical issues like power theft challenges and unauthorized connections. Though most utility electricity companies in developing countries face such problems, LESCO needs to compete with these challenges. For this, the company has to control electricity thefts and promote lawful usage of it.

What Are LESCO Operation Circles

LESCO is the company providing services to Lahore and some major Pakistani cities, and more than a hundred Subdivisions come under this company. Here is the LESCO’s Operation Circles.

LESCO Operation Circles

Customer Understanding LESCO Bill

Have you seen the LESCO WAPDA bill and the various necessary fields? Here are some. 

  • Bill Deferred: It is an option for a few consumers, allowing them to pay their bill in installments, postpone it, or add it to the next one. Moreover, they are not charged with late payment dues. 
  • FPA in the LESCO Wapda Bill: FPA is a Fuel Price Adjustment. As fuel prices fluctuate, the amount is added to the electricity bill to adjust the fees. The FPA doesn’t belong to the government but to those who produce electricity, and they are rental power companies that use crude oil to generate electricity.
  • CR: It is a Credit bill amount that shows that you have paid an extra cost than the previous bill amount. Thus, the company will not return the extra money; instead, they will deduct it from your next bill. It is similar to payment in advance. 

Taxes in LESCO

When you see your LESCO bill, you will find many taxes, and the majority of people don’t understand them. So, here is a little review of such taxes. 

  • FC Surcharge: It is a Financing Cost surcharge. It was started in 2015 on 10th June and cost the consumer 0.43 per unit. It is applied to all consumed units. The tax is added to collect the debt of Power Holding Private Limited services. 
  • GST: It is a General Sales Tax, which changes with time. It depends upon electricity cost. The current GST rate is 17 to 18%.  
  • LESCO TR Surcharge: Tariff Rationalization Surcharge is another tax related to NEPRA and GOP tariff.
  • Arrears/Age in LESCO Bill: Mostly, this portion remains empty for those who pay the total amount of the last bill. It is the amount not paid by the consumer of the last bill. If you are paying your previous bill amount in installments, then you will see the remaining amount in this section. 

Services offered by LESCO:

  • Provides electricity, generating and distributing bills monthly, and their collection.
  • Installs meters, maintains them and reads monthly to generate bills.
  • Receives reports regarding faults and repairs at customer service channels. Available to listen and solve problems 24/7
  • Gives new connections to eligible applicants
  • Implements during peak demand periods the load management measures to distribute power equally
  • Makes Customer service available through different mediums like calls, SMS, websites, apps, and office centers. 

LESCO’s Customer Base

LESCO’s customer base is divided into three main categories:

Residential Customers

From households to small businesses, LESCO provides electricity. Residential customers generate about 60% of total sales.

Commercial Customers

This category generates about 30% of total sales and comprises all sizes of businesses like shops, offices, and factories.

Industrial Customers

LESCO also provides electricity to the industrial sector, which includes power plants, chemical plants, and steel mills. It generates about 10% of total sales.

Moreover, LESCO also provides electricity to government entities, educational institutions, and religious organizations.

What Is The Procedure to Generate Bill From the LESCO Site

  • Write LESCO bill check in the Google search bar and click on the onlinebillcheck.com.pk website. Or you can browse www.onlinebillcheck.com.pk on the search bar.
  • Click on the “Check LESCO Bill” option.
  • A new page appears that asks for your LESCO bill’s reference number or customer ID. Enter it and press check bill. 
  • Your LESCO bill will appear on your screen. 
  • Go to the printer shop and print the bill. 

How to LESCO bill check online 2023?

It’s easy to check your LESCO bill online through our website. Just follow the given process.

  • Enter your customer ID or reference number in the check bill box above.
  • Click on “View bill” or “Download bill” options. 
  • Get your LESCO bill online, electricity consumption, and billing history. 

How to Check Bill by Reference Number?

If you don’t know where the reference number then don’t worry; just listen to us.

  • Take your LESCO utility bill in your hands.
  • Look at the top-left corner below “Tariff.”
  • You will get your Reference number. 
  • Enter it into the given field on this website and click “view bill.”

How to Check bill by Customer ID?

If you don’t know where the customer ID then don’t worry; just listen to us.

  • Take your LESCO utility bill in your hands.
  • Look at the top-left corner below “Load” and on the right side of the reference number.
  • You will get your customer ID. 
  • Enter it into the given field on this website and click “view bill.”

Steps to Download Your LESCO Bill Online

The procedure of downloading the LESCO bill is easy and convenient. By entering your reference number or customer ID, you will get your LESCO bill by following the above procedure. Just check; you have the option there: download the “LESCO bill,” click on it, and your bill will be saved on your device.  

What Is LESCO Duplicate Bill Online Check?

LESCO customers can check their LESCO duplicate bill online check. Online duplicate LESCO bill is nothing different from the original bill. It’s just an identical copy of it without any changes. You can easily get the duplicate bill from the search box here. 

The Information You Can Check On LESCO Duplicate Bill?

You can check any information you want, which is available on the original LESCO bill. From reference number to customer ID, from tax details to last 12 months’ billing history, from bill amount to due date, everything is the same, and you can get the right information from it. 

Official Mobile Application of LESCO 

To digitalize the LESCO and to cope with timing and transparency issues, the Ministry of Energy launched the official app of LESCO company. The app’s name is “LESCO LIGHT” and is available for both iOS and Android users. So, please write the name of the app in your App Store of iOS or Android’s Google Play Store, then download the app and install it. 

Online Billing System Benefits 

There are various issues with paper bills that cause problems for consumers in checking and paying bills. Some of the reasons people don’t receive or understand the bill are

  • Courier person mistake
  • Address issues
  • Printing issue
  • Paper wet by rain
  • Consumer misplaces bill 
  • The consumer isn’t at home
  • Bill comes within the last 2 days

In all such scenarios, online bill checking and payment ways are the biggest blessing because if the consumer can’t pay the bill on time, the service providers cut off the service immediately. Check the bill online from anywhere and from any device and also pay it easily through various cash apps. Click here to check your LESCO bill online. 

How to Pay Lesco Bill Online?

Paying online LESCO bills makes things easy as it eliminates the need to stand for a whole day in a queue outside the bank or visit offices to pay bills instead of going to an important office meeting. Online payment mechanism helps people to immediately pay their bills at any time from anywhere in the country. There is no time limit like banks or offices, and no hidden fees or surcharges. 

You can pay your LESCO bill through online portals and mobile apps if you have an account in any commercial and microfinance bank. Government and commercial bank branches also offer this service. In addition, some other option makes thing easier for everyone, like 

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy paisa 
  • NayaPay App
  • All Post offices
  • Omni Sahulat Shops
  • Nadra E-Sahulat
  • Banking Online Portals/Apps

LESCO Bill In instalments

You can’t pay the current monthly bill in installments. Installment is only applicable in case of pending dues (arrears) in addition to interest as per bank rates. Thus, it is an affordable substitute for paying the total amount upfront.

The amount of your arrears will decide the amount of installments and the person who can authorize them. If the arrears are up to Rs. 2,000, the request is processed to the SDO (Sub Divisional Officer), who can authorize you up to three equal monthly installments.

In case of arrears between Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 10,000, the authority figure will be XEN (Executive Engineer), who can also authorize up to three equal monthly installments. For the arrears of up to Rs. 100,000, the authority figure will be SE (Superintending Engineer), who can divide the installments into 4 equal parts. 

But for that, you have to submit a written request to the relevant authority with all the required details and the amount of arrears. 

LESCO Safety Guide for Domestic Users

For domestic users, the LESCO supplies a safe voltage of electric current that is 220V. Moreover, they also provide a complete user guide that not only helps users know how to use electricity efficiently but also other precautions that are helpful in protecting electrical appliances and human and animal life. 

Some basic tips include 

  • Be careful while installing new electrical devices
  • Don’t use bare wires
  • Keep checking plugs and switches
  • Use stabilizers
  • Use Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)

Read the LESCO user guide for more detailed, helpful safety tips. 

Calculate Your LESCO Bill

Calculating the bill is now easy as onlinebillcheck.com.pk provides an easy-to-use bill calculator tool. This tool helps you to calculate your bill depending on the number of units consumed per month and the charges applied by the government. The result will not be completely accurate due to fluctuation of electricity prices and taxes, but still, you will get quite a figure near the exact cost. To calculate your LESCO bill, click here. 

Tips to Reduce Your LESCO Bill Cost

Electricity prices are already high in Pakistan and are increasing continuously. The summer months are the most difficult because of high prices plus load shedding. That’s why electricity generating and distribution companies always promote the conservation of electricity. Some basic tips that help people cut the cost of power are

  • Run air conditioners at 26 degrees
  • Don’t waste electricity
  • Use fluorescent lamps
  • Use stabilizers 
  • Avoid too much electricity during peak hours, especially using high-voltage electrical appliances 
  • Use inverter AC instead of DC

There is a long list of tips that help anyone who wants the minimum number on their electricity WAPDA bills. To see the complete list of tips, click here. 

How To Register Your LESCO Complaint? 

LESCO provides services to millions of people; defects, problems, and challenges are common. So, LESCO has given several ways to register complaints, like 

  • Visit your area nearest LESCO office
  • Find the number of SDO/XEN from your LESCO bill and call them
  • Pick your PTCL phone and call LESCO Complaint Cell by dialing number 0800-00118
  • Visit the official website of LESCO: www.lesco.gov.pk 
  • Download and install the LESCO mobile application: LESCO LIGHT
  • Call at 118.
  • Visit the LESCO headquarters located at 22-A Queens Road, Lahore.

You can register a complaint in case of 

  • If there is a power outage in your area or any kind of electrical issue
  • To check your electricity connection application status
  • Request a meter reading of your meter or a correction of it.
  • If you want a change in your tariff plan or think your prepaid meter needs an upgrade,
  • Electricity theft and no-bill-payment issue
  • To request for bill Installments
  • If you want to obtain a hard copy of your bill
  • In case of over-charging, misprinting, and billing complaint
  • You can register a complaint in case of a fraudulent or suspicious bill. As a responsible citizen, it’s your duty to report any kind of fraudulent or suspicious activity. Thus, you protect yourself and every other person from fraud and scams. 

What Is LESCO Helpline Number?

LESCO helpline serves the consumers 24 hours; just call 118 or leave a message at 8118. Moreover, the LESCO company also provides a landline number 042-99205248 that you can use if you don’t get a response from the helpline due to high traffic. You can also call the SDO/XEN numbers mentioned in your LESCO bill. You can also visit LESCO Head Quarter, the address is 22-A Queens Road Lahore. In addition to headquarters, in case you need any help, you can visit the nearest LESCO office to your home. 

How To Apply for a New LESCO Connection Online?

Due to technological advances, LESCO is also offering ease to its customers, which is why it allows online methods to apply for a new power connection. Thus, now you don’t need to visit the customer center frequently. If you want a new electricity connection, follow the below-mentioned online procedure. 

Visit the ENC system.

Here are some helpful tips to fill out the online form.

Duplicate Copies Of Property Documents

You have to attach some documents with the application. In the case of an online application, attach the scanned copies. You have to do it before taking the printout of your application form. Remember, the scanned document should be 300kb in JPG/PDF format. 

First comes the duplicate copies of property documents. These include

  • House’ Registry
  • Baynama
  • Farred
  • Allotment Letter

Attesting The Documents

Attesting the documents is also necessary by

  • Notary Public
  • Oath Commissioner
  • Class one Gazetted Officer

NOC for a New Electricity Power Connection

You have to sign an undertaking on a stamp paper. It is a legal surety that your place had no electricity meter previously and that you are not in debt. Moreover, despite this, the LESCO office will stop giving new electricity connections if they find anything illegal. In the case of rental property, you need a NOC from the property’s official owner. In addition to NOC, the LESCO officer will ask for 

  • An attested photocopy of the CNIC by a gazetted officer
  • Photocopies of CNICs for two witnesses, attested by a gazetted officer
  • A duplicate of the neighboring electricity bill

You can register your complaint related to the new power connection by contacting the nearest LESCO office. You can also call the SDO/XEN numbers mentioned in your LESCO bill.

Moreover, you can also change the name of your previous meter, and the process is easy and similar to getting a new LESCO connection. First, you have to visit the LESCO office and fill out the form for a name-changing application.

LESCO Demand Notice

You must submit the required documents when submitting a new electricity connection application. After that, you will get a LESCO Demand Notice, which you must pay in the bank.

Demand Notice is necessary because once you submit it to the LESCO office, they verify it, and after that, you will get a new meter. 

Transferring Of Electricity Connection To A New Address

Connection of electricity to a new address is a bit of hard work. First, collect all the required documents, take them to the nearest LESCO customer service center, and submit them with the correct application. Your documents must include identification and proof documents showing that you are the owner of the new property. Using the LESCO website for online application for transfer option is also available. 

LESCO’s Challenges:

Pakistan is a developing nation, and electricity is one of the basic problems that the nation has faced in the last two decades. LESCO is also struggling with many challenges, and a few of the most common are

  • Frequent power outages, which are of different duration from a few hours to even days. The outage is for various reasons like technical problems, system sabotage, and load shedding.
  • Financial constraints and less investment don’t allow LESCO to pay attention to new infrastructure and technology. 
  • LESCO’s current infrastructure is old now. The aging factor is another reason for power breakdowns and outages. 
  • Consumers don’t pay their bills, and electricity theft is LESCO’s basic challenge nowadays. 

 *Total Electricity Theft By Region*

Total Electricity Theft

LESCO’s Future Plans:

Expansion Of The Electricity Grid

To cover more areas and expand the service to new places is the first future plan of LESCO. The company wants to serve more people with reliable power by expanding the electricity grid. This is what Pakistan needs right now: the availability of electricity (the basic need) to every Pakistani. This is possible only if LESCO builds new power plants and distribution networks and spreads transmission lines.

Introduction Of Renewable Energy Sources

LESCO’s future plan is the use of renewable energy sources in the generation of electricity. Thus, the less use of nonrenewable energy resources benefits the country, people, and the environment. The goal is easily achievable by utilizing hydroelectric, solar, and wind power. 

Improvement Of Customer Service

Improving LESCO customer service is another great plan that helps people to submit their issues easily, get immediate solutions, and obtain any information they want. The LESCO company is working on it through digitalization, like forming a website and app

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